Sprinkler How-To

DIY Adjustment

Your newly installed system comes with one complimentary adjustment visit in the first 30 days where we will re-adjust your heads and re-program your controller if needed.

These are services easily performed by the homeowner to save you time and money, but we are always available to perform these services for you, just contact us for a service call appointment.

Head Adjustments

You were provided with a tool to adjust your heads. If you need a replacement, please contact our office.

We use Rainbird heads on all new system installations and add-ons. You may also have Hunter heads. The operation of these heads is quite similar, though the tools are different. Rainbird heads require a flat head screwdriver or the green handled tool. Hunter heads require a 3/32 allen wrench or the white key tool with the finger loops

finger tool

Head Adjustment Videos

Use the videos below and the proper tool (green for RainBird heads and white for Hunter heads) to learn how to adjust your sprinkler heads. Some homeowners prefer to save on a service call charge by adjusting their own sprinkler heads. As always, please call us for a service call appointment if you need us!

Programming Your Controller

Adjusting your controller is easy and learning how to do it on your own can save you time, money and frustration.

Download your manual or check out the programming videos for the 2 controllers we install below.


Rain Bird offers a complete video series on programming and troubleshooting your Rain Bird ESP-Me controller.

Download a Rain Bird ESP-Me PDF User Manual here


The Hunter Pro-C controller is easy to operate and can be adjusted and tested quickly by the homeowner.

Download a Hunter Pro-C PDF User Manual here 


Rain Bird offers a complete video series on programming and troubleshooting your Rain Bird ESP-TM2 controller.

Download a Rain Bird ESP-TM2 PDF User Manual here

Wi-Fi Controller Set-up

In 2017 RainBird controllers became Wi-Fi enabled as a standard feature. RainBird also made sure to make the Wi-Fi accessible panels backward compatible for ESP-Me owners to have the ability to change their controller face panel and add the Wi-Fi LNK connectors.

We provide controller panel upgrades and LNK connectors. Please contact the office to get a quote!

To allow access to remote programming to our office, please invite us using our email address


Manual Valve Operation

When we winterize your system, we need to open the valves up in your valve boxes to be able to clear the water out of the lines. You may notice, upon turning on the water line, that a zone or zones are running on their own. This is normal, and a very simple thing to correct, you'll just need to open the valve box and close the valves manually to stop the water from going to the zone(s). Please reference the video to see how to close your open valves and save yourself a service call charge if you start up your own system in the spring.

valve box

Cleaning Sediment Filter

A sediment filter may be installed on your system if you have well water.. These filters can help mitigate clogs in valves if there is heavy silt or material in your irrigation lines.

These filters can be flushed to be cleaned and this process is relatively simple. The filter should be checked frequently to determine how long the system can run in between flushing or replacing the filter.

If you suspect sediment in your sprinkler system, we can install a sediment filter anytime.


You'll need to have your system winterized properly no matter its age. This essential part of maintaining your sprinkler system is performed with a high powered air compressor. The air empties the lines to prevent freeze damage. Contact us in October to book this service!

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