Q: How long does it take to install an irrigation system?

A: We need to make one visit to install the backflow unit inside your house. Once the backflow is installed, the average residential installation only takes one day, but in some cases, additional time may be necessary depending on the size of your project.

Q: What should I do to prepare for the installation?

A: Nothing major, just mow your lawn to a regular height before we start the installation. We will handle the installation process start to finish. We contact DigSafe to locate underground utilities on your property and arrange for all necessary plumbing to be performed by one of our licensed plumbers.

Q: How much damage will a sprinkler installation cause to my lawn?

A: We use a great deal of caution during installation and use machinery that minimizes turf damage. The likelihood of damage depends upon how well established your turf is and soil conditions, and underground conditions such as rocks, ledge, tree roots, and soil type. Usually, in two to three weeks you would never even know we had been to your home.

Q: I’m having some work done at my property. Should I wait to have the system installed until the work is finished?

A: The type of work being done will ultimately determine the time frame. For instance, if you are having a new lawn installed or repaired by someone other than us, we would be the second to last step in the process, the last being either your hydroseed or sod. If you’re having a fence, patio, or pool installed, we would come in after that is complete. Just check with us for your specific scenario.

Q: I have a well. Can I still have an irrigation system?

A: Certainly. We specialize in low-pressure systems for well-derived water supplies. With today’s advanced technology, there are numerous options available.

Q: What is the cost for a newly installed irrigation system?

A: The cost of installing a new irrigation system varies upon the type of system that is needed, as well as the size of the areas needing irrigation. Pro-Turf provides free estimates for full installations and add-ons, and most brand new systems will run you $2,500-$5,000 depending on the number of zones and heads you need. Please contact the office to set up an appointment.

Q: What is the benefit of installing a Rain Sensor?

A: A rain sensor detects measurable rainfall and turns off the automatic irrigation valves to prevent over watering. You can bypass this feature anytime you would like.

Q: Your guys were here for an install and left, is it complete?
A: Typically, yes. After the project is paid in full, we will set up a time to do a controller walk-through with you. We should have sent you an email with an update, but it may have gone to your spam folder. Feel free to call us if you are not sure.

Q: After my system is up and running is there anything I need to do?

A:  Typically no. However, simple seasonal adjustments of the controller may be necessary to ensure an adequate watering cycle and duration. Other than that, your system is virtually maintenance-free with proper seasonal servicing. Systems installed in 2017 or later will be wi-fi capable. Once the controller is connected to your existing wi-fi, we will be able to access it and program it right from our office.

Q: You just installed my system, can you come out and adjust one of my heads (or more) for no charge?

A: Your installation comes with 1 complimentary adjustment service call within the first 30 days. You should not need any adjustments, but if you think you do please let us know, or reference this page to see how to adjust them yourself. Additional visits will have a service call charge.



Q: What if my backflow is gushing or leaking?

A: A backflow might gush water from the "bell" upon first turning the system on in the spring. This is because the system is having trouble pressurizing. It could start doing this in the spring as the system ages but could also be a leak in the line.
To determine if there is a leak, first, turn the water back off by closing the valve before the backflow or in the basement at the irrigation shut off (marked by an orange Pro-Turf tag). Then start turning it on slowly to allow the system to fill gradually and become fully pressurized. If there is no more gushing, you're good to go!
If the gushing continues for more than a few minutes then that is an indication that the system has a leak in the main and cannot properly pressurize itself.  Turn the water back off outside and call us for service so we can check the main for leaks.

Q: I have a leak in a line or broken sprinkler head in just one zone. Can I still use the system?

A: Yes, just set the "station run time" to zero for the problem zone, and you can still run the other zones until we come out to fix it. Refer to the owner's manual for programming instructions.

Q: My town says I can only water on odd (or even) days, can this be done?

A: Yes, we can definitely set up your controller to water every other day. You can also do this yourself by referencing your manual, or the app on your Wi-Fi system.

Q: How do I program my controller? 

A: Please see our page of helpful videos and links to manuals for your controllers.

Q: Why does my controller display show NO or NO AC?

A: The NO or NO AC display is a diagnostic message telling you that the controller has stopped receiving AC power. The controller is running on the power supplied by the backup battery. Check the power source by plugging a lamp or radio into the wall outlet to verify there is power at the outlet. If your controller is not plugged into a wall outlet, the power source is hardwired. Controllers that are hardwired to the power source will need to be tested by a qualified electrician. Call Pro-Turf for service.

Q: My controller has a blank or unreadable display. What should I do?

A: First make sure there is power at the outlet. If there is power at the outlet then the controller might need to be replaced. This will require some troubleshooting to determine the cause of the problem. Call Pro-Turf for service.

Q: Why do my sprinklers finish watering and then start again?

A: When a program finishes watering and starts again, we call it repeat cycling. A common reason for a controller to repeat cycle is more than one start time is programmed. Refer to your owner's manual for specific instructions.

Q: Why does the controller show that the zones are working, but there is no water coming out of the sprinklers?

A: Generally this happens after a rainfall when the rain sensor is full of water, the main shut off valve is closed, the program is set up incorrectly, one or more of the ball valves on the backflow is closed, or a valve in a valve box is stuck closed.

Q: Why won't my controller turn on a station or program?

A: Make sure the controller is programmed correctly. Stations that do not turn on may not have a run time scheduled in the program. A program missing a start time, run times, or days to water will not come on at all. Refer to the owners manual for programming instructions.

Q: What if the water keeps running (leak in mainline or zone stuck on)?

A: First turn the controller to “OFF”. If the water continues to run, turn the water off in the basement or outside at the backflow. There could be a valve stuck open, sediment in the line, or a short in a wire somewhere. If you just turned your system on, check the valve boxes to make sure all the valves are in the closed position. If you don’t find any that were open, or you closed some and the zone still won’t shut off, please give us a call for service.

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